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[[File:Storm Surge (29317162487).jpg|thumb|right|Large waves from Lane hitting the Hawaiian coast|alt=Waves from Hurricane Lane hitting the Hawaiian coast.]]
Precipitation across Maui predominantly fell on August&nbsp;25,<ref name="HN_0826_2"/> with a peak accumulation of {{convert|25.58|in|mm|abbr=on}} in West Wailuaiki. [[Hana Airport]] and [[Haiku, Hawaii|Haiku]] both observed approximately {{convert|10.5|in|mm|abbr=on}} of rain.<ref name="rain"/> The rainfall aided firefighters in containing the brushfires.<ref name="HN_0826_2"/> Multiple landslides occurred along the [[Hana Highway|Hana]] and [[Kahekili Highway|Kahekili]] highways. A bridge along the former near mile marker 17 was overtopped by {{convert|3|ft|m|abbr=on}} of water, damaging a [[parapet]] and part of the foundation. Around 25&nbsp;signs along the [[Hawaii Route 30#Related route|Lahaina bypass]] was blown away or burned. along In [[Lahaina, Hawaii|Lahaina]], the local aquatics center suffered minor damage.<ref name="MauiNews1"/> A [[culvert]] failure near Haiku caused the formation of a [[sinkhole]] about {{convert|20|ft|m|abbr=on}} deep.<ref name="MauiNews1"/><ref name="Sinkhole"/> Three residences, each with families home, were left isolated.<ref name="Sinkhole">{{Cite news|url=|title=Some Upcountry Maui residents remain stranded by giant sinkhole|last=Young|first=Pamela|date=August 28, 2018|publisher=KHON|access-date=August 28, 2018|archive-url=|archive-date=August 31, 2018|url-status=live}}</ref> Infrastructure damage from the sinkhole reached an estimated $2–2.5&nbsp;million.<ref name="MN_0829"/>
===Kauaʻi and Oʻahu===