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'''Hurricane Lane''' was a strong [[tropical cyclone]] that brought torrential rainfall and strong winds to [[Hawaii]] during late August 2018. The storm was the wettest on record in Hawaii, with peak rainfall accumulations of {{convert|58|in|mm|abbr=on}} at Kahūnā Falls. Lane was the twelfth [[tropical cyclone naming|named storm]], sixth hurricane, fourth major hurricane, and the first of three Category 5 hurricanes of the record-breaking [[2018 Pacific hurricane season]]. The [[tropical cyclone|cyclone]] originated from an [[Low-pressure area|area of low pressure]] that formed well southwest of [[Mexico]] on August 13. Tracking west through a region of favorable atmospheric and oceanic conditions, the system steadily intensified over the following days. It reached an initial peak as a [[SSHS#Category 4|Category 4 hurricane]] on August 18. Temporarily inhibited by more hostile conditions, the hurricane weakened slightly before regaining strength and reaching [[SSHS#Category 5|Category 5 status]] on August 22 to the south of [[Hawaii]]. Lane peaked with winds of 160 mph (260 km/h) and a [[barometric pressure]] of 926 [[Bar (unit)|mbar]] ([[Pascal (unit)|hPa]]; 27.34 [[Inches of Mercury|inHg]]). Thereafter, the hurricane turned north and slowed. During this period, torrential rains battered much of the Hawaiian Islands. Unfavorable conditions again affected the hurricane, and it degraded to a tropical depression by August 28 before dissipating the following day.
Lane prompted the issuance of [[Tropical_cyclone_warnings_and_watches#Western_hemisphere|hurricane watches and warnings]] for every island in Hawaii. From August 22 to 26, Lane brought heavy rain to much of the [[Hawaiian Windward Islands]], which caused flash flooding and mudslides. Effects were most significant in and around [[Hilo, Hawaii|Hilo]] where multiple neighborhoods were flooded. Across the [[theHawaii (island)|Big Island]], 159 structures were damaged or destroyed. Strong winds downed trees and power lines on [[Maui]], and brush fires ignited on both Maui and [[Oahu]]. One fatality occurred on [[Kauai]]. Landslides and flooding damaged roads statewide; repairs concluded in April 2019. Total economic losses from the hurricane exceeded $250 million. In September, President [[Donald Trump]] declared much of Hawaii a [[disaster area]]; the [[Federal Emergency Management Agency]] ultimately provided about $2.5 million in aid.
==Meteorological history==