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{{Infobox company
| name = Valhalla Entertainment Productions, Inc.
| logo = Valhalla Entertainment logo.png
| former_name = Pacific Western Productions (1982-1998)
| type = [[Production company]]
| founder = [[Gale Anne Hurd]]
| foundation = 1982 (as Pacific Western Productions)
| parent = [[Lightstorm Entertainment]]<br>[[Digital Domain]]<br>[[Cameron Pace Group|Cameron/Pace Group]]
| parent =
| key_people = [[Gale Anne Hurd]]
| location_city = [[Hollywood, California|Hollywood]], [[Los Angeles, California|Los Angeles]], [[California]]
'''Valhalla Entertainment''' is an American [[television]] and [[film]] [[production company]] best known for producing [[AMC Networks|AMC]]'s [[The Walking Dead (TV series)|''The Walking Dead'']] television series and its companion series, ''[[Fear the Walking Dead]].''
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