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* If the system drive (the primary drive, with Windows system files on it) is a solid-state drive (SSD), ReadyBoost is disabled, since reading from that drive would be at least as fast as reading from the ReadyBoost drive.<ref name=understand>{{cite journal|magazine=[[TechNet Magazine]]|url=|title=Understand ReadyBoost and whether it will Speed Up your System|publisher=Microsoft|accessdate=2012-12-14}}</ref>
* ReadyBoost caches all data as it is being written to the local hard disk: "the Ecache.sys device driver intercepts all reads and writes to local hard disk volumes (C:\, for example), and copies any data being written into the caching file that the service created."<ref name="russinovich"/> SuperFetch pre-populates frequently-read data into ReadyBoost cache, so SuperFetch is necessary for ReadyBoost to perform well.<ref name="robbiebench">{{cite web|title=ReadyBoost - Robbie's Benchmark|url=|date=14 April 2012|accessdate=17 October 2014}}</ref>
* ReadyBoost is not compatible with portable media devices such as [[Mobile_phone|mobile phones]] or [[camera|cameras]], or other devices with emulated storage.
ReadyBoost is not available on [[Windows Server 2008]].<ref>{{cite web