Valhalla Entertainment: Difference between revisions

Valhalla has an overall deal with [[Universal Cable Productions]] to develop new television and digital programs.<ref>[ Gale Anne Hurd Renews Valhalla Entertainment Deal with Universal Cable Productions]</ref> Valhalla also currently produces [[USA Network]]'s drama series, [[Falling Water (TV series)|''Falling Water'']], and [[Amazon Studios|Amazon]]'s original series, [[Lore (TV series)|''Lore'']].
In the comic book industry, Valhalla has created a six-issue mini-series comic book, ''The Scourge'', for [[Aspen Comics]], and a four-issue comic book mini-series, ''ANTI'', for [[12 Gauge Comics]].<ref>[ Walking Dead Producer Gale Anne Hurd Talks Comic Book Movies]</ref> ''Dead Man's Run'', which was created for Aspen Comics by [[Greg Pak]].<ref>[ Pak, Aspen and Valhalla Entertainment Team Up for “Dead Man’s Run”]</ref>
On February 7, 2017, Valhalla Motion Pictures merged into Valhalla Entertainment, which was originally formed in 1996.