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|name= The Mariners' Museum and Park
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The museum was founded in 1930 by [[Archer M. Huntington|Archer Milton Huntington]], son of [[Collis P. Huntington]], a railroad builder who brought the [[Chesapeake and Ohio Railway]] to [[Warwick County, Virginia]], and who founded the City of Newport News, its [[coal]] export facilities, and [[Northrop Grumman Newport News|Newport News Shipbuilding]] in the late 19th century.
Huntington and his wife, the sculptor [[Anna Hyatt Huntington]], acquired {{convert|800|acre}} of land that would come to hold {{convert|90000|sqft}} of exhibition galleries, a research library, a {{convert|167|acre|singadj=on}} lake, a {{convert|5|mi|singadj=on}} shoreline trail with fourteen bridges, and over 35,000 maritime artifacts from around the globe. After the land acquisition took place, the first two years were devoted to creating and improving a natural park and constructing a dam to create [[Lake Maury]], named after the nineteenth-century Virginia [[oceanographer]], Commodore [[Matthew Fontaine Maury]].
== Artifacts, paintings, models ==
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