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(Pharaoh is a false name given to Egyptian Kings they were ancient Egyptians not Pharaohs)
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|Alt = Aya of Egypt{{Citation needed|date=January 2018}}
|Name = Ay
|Image = Opening_of_the_Mouth_-_Tutankhamun_and_Aja-2.jpg
|ImageSize = 200
|Caption = Pharaohiraoh Ay performing the Opening of the Mouth ceremony on his predecessor Tutankhamen. Ay is wearing the Leopard skin worn by Egyptian High Priests and a Khepresh, a blue crown worn by Pharaohsmgraohs.
|NomenHiero = <hiero>nTr-i-t:f-i-A2-i-i</hiero>
|Nomen = ''Itinetjer Ay'' <br> God's father, Ay
'''Ay''' was the penultimate [[King]] of [[Ancient Egypt]]'s [[Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt|18th dynasty]]. He held the throne of Egypt for a brief four-year period (1323–1319 BC<ref>Erik Hornung, Rolf Krauss & David Warburton (editors), Ancient Egyptian Chronology (Handbook of Oriental Studies), Brill: 2006, p. 493</ref> or 1327–1323 BC, depending on which chronology is followed), although he was a close advisor to two and perhaps three of the pharaohskings who ruled before him and is thought to have been the [[power behind the throne]] during [[Tutankhamun]]'s reign. Ay's ''[[Prenomen (Ancient Egypt)|prenomen]]'' or royal name&mdash;Kheperkheperure&mdash;means "Everlasting are the Manifestations of Ra" while his ''[[nomen (Ancient Egypt)|nomen]]'' ''Ay it-netjer'' reads as "Ay, Father of the God".<ref>Peter Clayton, Chronicle of the PharaohskRAOHS, Thames & Hudson Ltd, 1994. p136</ref> Records and monuments that can be clearly attributed to Ay are rare, not only due to his short length of reign, but also because his successor, [[Horemheb]], instigated a campaign of ''[[damnatio memoriae]]'' against him and other pharaohsiraohs associated with the unpopular [[Amarna Period]].
==Origins and family==
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