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===Probative value of silence===
Only when very particular conditions obtain can legitimate inferences be drawn from silence in contemporary sources.{{efn|See, ''e.g''., the conditions elaborated by the 17th-century Church historian Jean Mabillon.<ref>{{harvp|Brading|2001|p=182}}</ref>}} The doubtful relevance of silence as to the Guadalupe event in certain documents from the time of Zumárraga has already been noted under section 6.2.2 above, and Miguel Sánchez himself preached a sermon in 1653 on the [[Immaculate Conception]] in which he cites chapter 12 of the [[Book of Revelation]], but makes no mention of Guadalupe.<ref>For Sánchez' sermon, see {{harvp|Poole|1995|p=109}}; as to the lack of special significance to be attributed to many of the "silent" sources, see {{harvp|Poole|1995|p=219}}.</ref>
==Pastoral significance of St. Juan Diego in the Catholic Church in Mexico and beyond==