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Libraries, universities, open access supporters, consumer health advocacy groups, and patient rights organizations have applauded PubMed Central, and hope to see similar public access repositories developed by other federal funding agencies so to freely share any research publications that were the result of taxpayer support.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Autism Speaks Announces New Policy to Give Families Easy, Free Access to Key Research Findings - Press Release - Autism Speaks|author=|date=25 July 2012|}}</ref>
The Antelman study of open access publishing found that in philosophy, political science, electrical and electronic engineering and mathematics, [[Open access (publishing)|open access]] papers had a greater research impact.<ref>{{cite journal |doi = 10.5860/crl.65.5.372|title = Do Open-Access Articles Have a Greater Research Impact?|journal = College & Research Libraries|volume = 65|issue = 5|pages = 372–382|year = 2004|last1 = Antelman|first1 = Kristin|doi-access = free}}, summarized by {{cite journal |doi = 10.5860/crln.67.11.7720|title = Scholarly communication: Turning crisis into opportunity|journal = College & Research Libraries News|volume = 67|issue = 11|pages = 692–696|year = 2006|last1 = Stemper|first1 = Jim|last2 = Williams|first2 = Karen | name-list-format = vanc |doi-access = free}}</ref> A randomised trial found an increase in content downloads of open access papers, with no citation advantage over subscription access one year after publication.<ref>{{cite journal | vauthors = Davis PM, Lewenstein BV, Simon DH, Booth JG, Connolly MJ | title = Open access publishing, article downloads, and citations: randomised controlled trial | journal = BMJ | volume = 337 | pages = a568 | date = July 2008 | pmid = 18669565 | pmc = 2492576 | doi = 10.1136/bmj.a568 | url = }}</ref>
The NIH policy and open access repository work has inspired a [[Open-access mandate#United States funding agencies|2013 presidential directive]] which has sparkled action in other federal agencies as well.