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*[[Angus Young]] of [[AC/DC]] occasionally uses a custom-made SG with lightning-bolt inlays, based on a custom model originally produced by luthier John Diggins. Since then, Young has collaborated with Gibson to make the Angus Young SG which features a custom-designed Humbucker in the bridge position, a '57 Classic in the neck position and the lightning-bolt inlays.
*[[Robby Krieger]] of [[The Doors]] used a Gibson SG Standard starting in 1965. Gibson produced a limited run of 150 [ Inspired By] SG's which incorporate many of Krieger's favorite components of various SG's.
*[[Bernard Sumner]] of [[Joy Division]] and [[New Order (band)|New Order]] used a Gibson SG Standard in 1976 (particularly used on album "''[[Closer (Joy Division album)|Closer]]"'' in 1980)
*[[Gillian Gilbert]] of [[New Order (band)|New Order]] used a Gibson SG Standard in 1980 (on album "[[Movement (New Order album)|Movement]]")
* [[Eric Clapton]] used a 1964 Gibson SG Standard<ref>[ Gibson website article] {{webarchive |url= |date=October 8, 2011 }}</ref> starting in 1967 while in [[Cream (band)|Cream]]. This guitar was known as [[The Fool (guitar)|the "Fool" guitar]], as it was painted by the Dutch artists known collectively as [[The Fool (design collective)|The Fool]]. In spring 1968, the SG was loaned to [[Jackie Lomax]], an associate of [[George Harrison]]. The "Fool" was later sold to [[Todd Rundgren]] for $500 before eventually being sold to a private collector for about $500,000.