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===Main sources===
The earliest notices of an apparition of the Virgin Mary at Tepeyac to an Indian are to be found in various annals which are regarded by Dr. Miguel León-Portilla, one of the leading Mexican scholars in this field, as demonstrating "that effectively many people were already flocking to the chapel of Tepeyac long before 1556, and that the tradition of Juan Diego and the apparitions of Tonantzin (Guadalupe) had already spread."<ref>As quoted in [http://www.ewtn.com/library/mary/ladyguad.htm Our Lady Of Guadalupe: Historical Sources], an unsigned article in ''L'Osservatore Romano'', Weekly Edition in English, January 23, 2002, page 8.</ref> Others (including leading Nahuatl and Guadalupe scholars in the USA) go only as far as saying that such notices "are few, brief, ambiguous and themselves posterior by many years".<ref>{{harvp|Sousa|Poole|Lockhart|1998|p=1}}</ref>{{efn|cf. {{harvp|Poole|1995|pp=50–58}} where it is conceded that the Codex Sutro, at least, "probably dates from 1530 to 1540".<ref>{{harvp|Poole|1995|p=57}}</ref>}} If correctly dated to the 16th century, the [[Codex Escalada]] – which portrays one of the apparitions and states that Juan Diego (identified by his indigenous name) died "worthily" in 1548 – must be accounted among the earliest and clearest of such notices.