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(Rur stream and the High Fens along the RAVeL L48 in Bütgenbach, Belgium (DSCF5836).jpg)
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During the [[Middle Ages]] the valley of the Rur lay mostly within the [[Duchy of Jülich]]. In 1795, until 1814, during which time the area was part of [[French First Republic|the French Republic]] and [[First French Empire|Empire]], it gave its name to the French ''[[département]]'' of the [[Roer (department)|Roer]].
The Rur represented an important front in the Allied push towards Germany at the end of the [[Second World War]]. A fortified area known as the '''Roer Triangle''', formed by the towns of [[Roermond]] and [[Sittard]], in the [[Netherlands]], and [[Heinsberg]] in [[Germany]], was the scene of heavy fighting at the beginning of 1945.