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He was appointed a Commander of the [[Order of the British Empire]] (CBE) in 1958.
Hawkins played the lead role in a film for [[John Ford]], ''[[Gideon's Day (film)|Gideon's Day]]'' (USA title: ''Gideon of Scotland Yard'') (1958), playing a police officer. He had a good role as a double agent in a war film, ''[[The Two-Headed Spy]]'' (1958) then was given another third lead in a Hollywood blockbuster ''[[Ben-Hur (1959 film)|Ben-Hur]]'' (1959), playing the Roman admiral who befriends [[Charlton Heston]]. It was even more successful than ''Bridge on the River Kwai''.
He appeared as one of ''[[The Four Just Men (TV series)|The Four Just Men]]'' (1959) in the [[Sapphire Films]] TV series for [[ITV Network|ITV]], one of the most ambitious British TV series ever made.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.78rpm.co.uk/tv4.htm|title=4 Just Men|work=78rpm.co.uk}}</ref> He also played the lead in a version of "The Fallen Idol" for American TV.