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|url= |title=plug-compatible |publisher=[[Ziff Davis]]|website = PC Magazine Encyclopedia}}</ref>
The term PCM can refer to:
*Plug-compatible manufacturer
*'''P'''lug-'''C'''ompatible '''M'''anufacturer
*Plug-compatible machine.
*'''P'''lug-'''C'''ompatible '''M'''achine.
The term PCM was originally applied to manufacturers who made replacements for IBM peripherals.<ref>"Making the move into IBM-compatible peripheral products was a natural adjunct to products being developed for OEMs."{{cite news |newspaper=Computerworld |date=August 18, 1980 |page=7 |url= |title=Moving into IBM-compatible peripheral products}}</ref> Later this term was used to refer to IBM-compatible computers.<ref>"plug-compatible mainframe (PCM)."{{cite news |newspaper=Computerworld |date=March 8, 1982 |page=69 |url= |title=direct-mail company to replace IBM with PCM}}</ref>