Strike (2006 film): Difference between revisions

Removed an unnecessary "l" in John Paul II name.
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(Removed an unnecessary "l" in John Paul II name.)
The next scene takes place during the 1970 strikes, in which workers were killed. Agnieszka is arrested and beaten. She returns home to find her son in the uniform of those who had just been mistreating her. Krystian reveals he knows about his true father, and Agnieszka tells him the story of how she came to know Sobecki.
The film fast forward to 1978. Sobecki's secretary recruits Agnieszka to join an underground newspaper, Robotnik. Very quickly after this, Pope John PaullPaul II, a Pole, is elected as the new pope. Agnieszka helps to write and then distribute these underground newsletters to try and educate workers about what is really going on in the shipyards. The shipyard officials do not approve of her new activities, so she is put on lockdown during her shifts so she cannot distribute more pamphlets. They finally find a convincing reason for firing her, theft for not returning her deceased husband's trumpet, and so they fire her. In response to her firing, the shipyard workers all go on strike. The strikes snowball, with many other shipyards and even streetcar drivers striking in solidarity with the Lenin shipyard workers. Talks are held, and Leszek agrees to simple compromises that only affect the Lenin shipyard. Agnieszka makes a speech and convinces Leszek to lead the workers in continuing another strike in solidarity with the other workers who had helped them win the concessions. Archive footage is played of the [[21 demands of MKS|21 Accords]] (1980), and Solidarity is born.
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