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The '''Congress of Paris''' was an 1856 diplomatic meeting held in [[Paris]], [[France]],<ref name=Britannica>"Paris, Treaty of (1856)". The New Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Inc. Volume 9. 15th ed. pp. 153-154. 2007.</ref> between representatives of the [[great powers]] in [[Europe]] to make peace after almost three years after the [[Crimean War]] had started.
[[Sardinia-Piedmont]] achieved a diplomatic victory by being invited, despite its small size.
The [[Ottoman Empire]], despite winning the war, made concessions that were domestically considered to be humiliating.
The [[Russian Empire]], despite losing the war, had to make only minor concessions but broke its promises in 1871 once France could no longer stop it.
== Background ==
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