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Yung was naturalized as an American citizen on October 30, 1852, and in 1876, he married Mary Kellogg, an American. They had two children: Morrison Brown Yung and Bartlett Golden Yung. At Yale's centennial commencement in 1876, Yung received an honorary Doctor of Laws.<ref>Schiff, Judith Ann, "When East Met West," old Yale, November/December 2004</ref>
Yung lived his twilight years after the failed 1908 uprising in poverty in [[Hartford, Connecticut]], and died in 1912.<ref name=Chu /> His grave is located at [[Cedar Hill Cemetery (Hartford, Connecticut)|Cedar Hill Cemetery]] outsidein Hartford.
[[File:Yung Wing Grave 2012 FRD 4735.jpg|thumb|right|150px|Yung Wing's family plot at [[Cedar Hill Cemetery (Hartford, Connecticut)|Cedar Hill Cemetery]].]]