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| region = [[Papua New Guinea]]
| coordinates = {{coord|-8.701793|141.598485|type:city_region:PG_source:enwiki|name=Rouku|display=inline,title}}
|pushpin_map = Papua New Guinea#Oceania
| speakers = 150-250
| date = 2018
| ref = {{Döhler<ref 2018|datename=December"Döhler 2018}}" />
| familycolor = Papuan
| fam1 = [[Yam languages|Yam]]
==== Consonants ====
The consonant inventory comprises 18 phonemes (ᵐb, t, ⁿd, k, ᵑɡ, kʷ, ᵑɡʷ, m, n, ŋ, ɸ, ʦ, ⁿʣ, ð, s, r, w, j). The system consists of a series of obstruents (oral and prenasalized plosives and affricates), fricatives, nasals and semivowels. Consonants occurring only in loanwords are: b, g, d, l.<ref name="Döhler 2018">{{harvnb|Döhler|2018}}</ref>
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==== Vowels ====
The vowel inventory consists of eight phonemes (i, e, æ, a, ʏ, ø, u, o) and one epenthetic vowel (ə̯).<ref name="Döhler 2018"/>
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* {{Cite book |url=http://langsci-press.org/catalog/book/212 |title=A Grammar of Komnzo |series=Studies in Diversity Linguistics 22 |last=Döhler |first=Christian |date=2018 |publisher=Language Science Press |isbn=978-3-96110-125-2 |location=Berlin |doi=10.5281/zenodo.1477799 |doi-access=free |ref=harv}}
*Evans, Nicholas, I Wayan Arka, Matthew Carroll, Christian Döhler, Eri Kashima, Emil Mittag, Kyla Quinn, Jeff Siegel, Philip Tama & Charlotte van Tongeren. (2017) ''The languages of Southern New Guinea''. In Bill Palmer (ed.), The languages and linguistics of the New Guinea area, 641–774. Berlin; Boston: Walter de Gruyter. {{ISBN|978-3-11-029525-2}}. Accessed on 2019-11-12.
==External links==
*[http://dobes.mpi.nl/projects/morehead/ Nen and Kómnzo: Two languages of Southern New Guinea] (2017) [[DOBES]] language documentation project. Accessed on 2019-11-12.
*[https://zenodo.org/communities/komnzo?page=1&size=20 Komnzo language] (2018) [[Zenodo]] data repository. Accessed on 2019-11-12.