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== Works ==
he died from cancer
=== Push Pin Studios ===
After graduating at the [[Cooper Union]] in New York City, [[Reynold Ruffins]], [[Seymour Chwast]], [[Edward Sorel]] and Glaser, founded [[Push Pin Studios]] in 1954. Glaser joined after his return in [[Italy]]. In 1957, the "Push Pin Monthly Graphic," was sent out to friends and clients. They rejected tradition and favored "reinvigorated interpretations of historical styles."<ref name=":3">{{Cite web|url=|title=Pushpin Gallery|website=|access-date=2016-07-20}}</ref> The studio "redefined and expanded the imprimatur of the [[designer]], [[illustrator]], and [[visual culture]] at large."<ref name=":3" />
=== Bob Dylan Poster ===
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