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{{About|the Indo-Europeanist|the humorist|Douglas Adams}}
'''Douglas Quentin Adams''' is a professor of [[English language|English]] at the [[University of Idaho]] and an [[Indo-European languages|Indo-European]] comparativist. Adams studied at the [[University of Chicago]], taking his PhD in 1972. He is an expert on [[Tocharian languages|Tocharian]] and a contributor on this subject to the ''[[Encyclopædia Britannica]]''.
He has also co-authored two works on [[Proto-Indo-European society|Indo-European culture]] and [[Indo-European languages|languages]] with [[J. P. Mallory]] of the [[Royal Irish Academy]]. He is a Linguistics Editor at the ''[[Journal of Indo-European Studies]]'', founded by [[Roger Pearson (anthropologist)|Roger Pearson]].<ref name="jies">{{cite web |url= |title=Journal of Indo-European Studies |accessdate=21 2009-05-28December 2019}}</ref>
At the University of Idaho, Adams teaches courses on [[linguistics]], and [[grammar]] and [[semantics]] for the [[English as a second or foreign language|English as a Second Language]] program.<ref name="uiInterview">{{cite web|url=|title=The University of Idaho Argonaut - UI professor goes international|format=|work=|accessdate=|ref=uiInterview}}{{dead link|date=September 2017 |bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes }}</ref>
== Works ==
* {{cite book |author=Adams, Douglas Q. |title=Essential modern Greek grammar |publisher=[[Dover Publications]] |location=New York |year=1987 |pages= |isbn=0-486-25133-0 |oclc= |doi= |accessdate= |ref=modernGreekGrammar |url-access=registration |url= }}
* {{cite book |author =Adams, Douglas |title=Tocharian historical phonology and morphology |publisher=[[American Oriental Society]] |location=New Haven, Conn |year=1988 |pages= |isbn=0-940490-71-4 |oclc= |doi= |accessdate= | ref=tocharianPhonology }}
* {{Citecite book |title=[[Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture]] |lastauthor=Mallory, |first=J.&nbsp;P. |first2author2=Adams, D.&nbsp;Q.|last2=Adams|year=1997 |publisher=[[Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers]] |location=London and Chicago |isbn=1-884964-98-2 |postscript=<!--None--> }}
* {{cite book |author1=Hamp, Eric P. |author2=Adams, Douglas |title=Festschrift for [[Eric P. Hamp]] |publisher=[[Institute for the Study of Man]] |location=Washington, D.C |year=1997 |pages= |isbn=0-941694-57-7 |oclc= |doi= |accessdate= |ref= hampFestschrift }}
* {{cite book |author =Adams, Douglas |title=A dictionary of Tocharian B |url= |publisher=[[Rodopi Publishers]]|location=Amsterdam |volume=1|year=2013 |edition=2nd |pages=964 |isbn=9042036710 |oclc= |doi= |accessdate= |ref=tocharianDictionary}}
* {{Citecite book|title=The Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and the Proto-Indo-European World
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