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===Video games===
she is evil!!! no-one likes her at all!!
An American woman of [[Asian American|Asian descent]],<ref>Jeremy Parish, "ADA WONG," ''Electronic Gaming Monthly'' 224 (January 2008), 101.</ref> Ada is first mentioned in the original ''[[Resident Evil (1996 video game)|Resident Evil]]'' (1996) set in the year 1998. A letter written by dying [[Umbrella Corporation]] researcher John<ref name=coverup/> was addressed to a woman named Ada.<ref name=letter/> There was an Umbrella researcher named Linda during the early development stages of the sequel (a version popularly known as ''"[[Resident Evil 1.5]]''").<ref name="capcomdesign"/> The character was eventually given the full name Ada Wong in order to [[Retcon|provide a connection]] to the first game. John was infected with the deadly T-virus during an outbreak in the Arklay Laboratory facility; he asks Ada (who had manipulated him to steal Umbrella's secrets for a rival company)<ref name=coverup>Mike Wehner, [ The Great Resident Evil 2 Coverup], The Escapist, 4 July 2012.</ref> to destroy the Spencer Mansion (the first game's setting) and to reveal the incident to the public.<ref name=letter>'The Researcher's Letter' file in ''Resident Evil'' (1996): "As far as I know, you are not infected. I sincerely hope things do not reach such a desperate pass, but if it has turned out that you are now the last person remaining alive, I want you to get the material from the Visual Data Room. Then, activate the Self-Destruct System in the Power Room, and escape from here. Please do everything in your power to make this whole accident public...I hope you understand. Thank you, Ada. Yours truly, John."</ref>
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