Hisanori Takahashi: Difference between revisions

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On June 22, 2013 Takahashi was traded to the Rockies for a [[player to be named later]].<ref>{{cite web|last=Links |first=Zach |url=http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2013/06/rockies-acquire-hisanori-takahashi.html |title=Rockies Acquire Hisanori Takahashi: MLB Rumors |publisher=MLBTradeRumors.com |date=June 22, 2013 |accessdate=January 3, 2014}}</ref> Takahashi elected to become a free agent following the season after compiling a 6.66 ERA over 25.2 [[innings pitched]] with the [[Triple-A (baseball)|Triple-A]] [[Colorado Springs Sky Sox]].<ref>{{cite news|title=Hisanori Takahashi News: Takahashi elected free agency, Baseball America reports.|url=https://www.thescore.com/mlb/news/311523|accessdate=14 September 2015|agency=[[Rotowire]]|publisher=[[theScore Inc.]]|date=October 4, 2013}}</ref>
====Yokohama DeNA BayStars====
Following the 2013 season, Takahashi signed with the [[Yokohama DeNA BayStars]].<ref>{{cite web|url=http://the-japan-news.com/news/article/0000898817 |title=Takahashi to play for BayStars |publisher=The Japan News |date=December 26, 2013 |accessdate=January 3, 2014}}</ref> In September 2015, Takahashi announced that he would retire from baseball following the [[2015 Nippon Professional Baseball season|2015 season]]. He failed to record a win in either of his two seasons in Yokohama.<ref>{{cite news|title=Lions’ Akiyama becomes 6th with 200-hit season|url=http://the-japan-news.com/news/article/0002422778|accessdate=14 September 2015|work=[[Yomiuri Shimbun]]|date=September 14, 2015}}</ref>