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==== Consonants ====
The consonant inventory comprises 18 phonemes (ᵐb, t, ⁿd, k, ᵑɡ, kʷ, ᵑɡʷ, m, n, ŋ, ɸ, ʦ, ⁿʣ, ð, s, r, w, j). The system consists of a series of obstruents (oral and prenasalized plosives and affricates), fricatives, nasals and semivowels. Consonants occurring only in loanwords are: b, g, d, l.
==== Vowels ====
==== Epenthesis ====
Komnzo phonology exhibits widespread vowel epenthesis. The epenthetic vowel is usually a short schwa (ə), sometimes a short high front or high back vowel. Many syllables and many vowelswords in Komnzo lack a specified vowel, e.g. ''mnz '''house' [mə̯nts] or ''gwth'' 'nest' [ᵑɡʷə̯θ].
==Numeral system==