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=== I Heart New York logo ===
[[File:I Love New York.svg|thumb|196x196px|I Heart New York Logo]]One of Glaser's most recognizable works is his [[I heart new york|I Heart New York]] logo. In the mid-1970s, New York City's crime rate was up and the city was widely perceived to be dangerous and was on the verge of bankruptcy.<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=Wendy Keys's Documentary on Creator of 'I ♥ New York' Logo|last=Holden|first=Stephen|date=2009-05-21|newspaper=The New York Times|issn=0362-4331|access-date=2016-07-13}}</ref> In 1977, the city hired advertising agency [[Wells Rich Greene]] and Milton Glaser to design a logo to increase tourism and boost morale. It was Glaser who came up with the design in the back of a taxitax cab on the way to the meeting.<ref name=":0">{{Cite web|url=|title=The Story Behind I Heart New York |author=Gary|date=March 19, 2015|website=Buy T-Shirts Online|access-date=July 13, 2016}}</ref> The logo consist of the capital "I" and a red heart, stacked on top of "NY," symbolizing New York in American Typewriter typeface. His inspiration for the logo was Robert Indiana's [[Love (sculpture)|LOVE design]], with the four letters stacked on top of each other. "Glaser loved New York so much that he gave his work to the city for free, hoping it would become public property."<ref name=":0" />
Today, the logo has earned the New York state $30 million each year and has become a pop culture icon and has been reproduced on T-shirts and hats, and can be seen everywhere in New York.<ref name=":0" /> Imitations have been made, for example "I Heart Radio." The state has been filling nearly 3,000 objections against them.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=List of Cease and Desist Letters Regarding the I ♥ NY® logo |website= |accessdate=16 August 2018}}</ref>