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{{short description|Honorary title for professors who want to stay active in scholarship following retirement}}
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'''''Emeritus''''' ({{IPAc-en|ə|ˈ|m|ɛr|ᵻ|t|ə|s}}),{{#tag:ref|
feminine '''''emerita''''' or '''''emeritus'''''; plural '''''emeriti''''' (masc.) or '''''emeritae''''' (fem.); abbreviation '''''emer.'''''
==Other uses==
When a diocesan bishop or auxiliary bishop retires, the word ''emeritus'' is added to his former title, i.e., "Archbishop Emeritus of ...", "Bishop Emeritus of ...", or "Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of ..." Examples of usage are: "The Most Reverend (or Right Reverend) John Jones, Bishop Emeritus of Anytown"; and "His Eminence Cardinal James Smith, Archbishop Emeritus of Anycity". The term "Bishop Emeritus" of a particular see can apply to several people, if the first lives long enough. The sees listed in the 2007 Annuario Pontificio as having more than one (Arch)Bishop Emeritus included Zárate-Campana, Villavicencio, Versailles, and Uruguaiana. There were even three Archbishops Emeriti of Taipei. The same suffix was applied to the [[Bishop of Rome]], [[Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI]], on his retirement. In the [[Roman Catholic Church]] the word ''emeritus'' does not imply that the person in question is no longer a [[Priesthood in the Catholic Church|priest]].{{cncitation needed|date=December 2017}}
Since 2001, the honorary title of [[President pro tempore emeritus of the United States Senate|president pro tempore emeritus]] has been given to a Senator of the minority party who has previously served as president pro tempore of the [[United States Senate]]. The position has been held by [[Strom Thurmond]] (R-[[List of United States Senators from South Carolina|South Carolina]]) (2001-2003), [[Robert Byrd]] (D-[[List of United States Senators from West Virginia|West Virginia]]) (2003-2007), [[Ted Stevens]] (R-[[List of United States Senators from Alaska|Alaska]]) (2007-2009), and [[Patrick Leahy]] (D-[[List of United States Senators from Vermont|Vermont]]) (2015-present2015–present).<ref>[https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/senate-resolution/6/text Text - S.Res.6 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): A resolution expressing the thanks of the Senate to the Honorable Patrick J. Leahy for his service as President Pro Tempore of the...<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
It is also commonly used in business and [[nonprofit organization]]s to denote perpetual status of the founder of an organization or individuals who moved the organization to new heights as a former key member on the [[board of directors]] (e.g.,&nbsp;[[chairman]] emeritus; director emeritus; president of the board emeritus).
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