1982–83 United States network television schedule: Difference between revisions

'''New Series'''
*'''''[[Amanda's]]''''' *
*'''''[[At Ease (TV series)|At Ease]]''''' *
*'''''[[Baby Makes Five]]''''' *
*'''''[[Condo (TV series)|Condo]]''''' *
*'''''High Performance''''' *
*'''''[[It Takes Two (U.S. TV series)|It Takes Two]]'''''
*'''''[[Matt Houston]]'''''
*'''''[[The New Odd Couple]]'''''
*'''''[[The Quest (1982 TV series)|The Quest]]'''''
*'''''[[The Renegades (TV series)|The Renegades]]''''' *
*'''''[[Ripley's Believe It or Not! (TV series)|Ripley's Believe It or Not!]]'''''
*'''''[[Ryan's Four]]''''' *
*'''''[[Star of the Family]]'''''
*'''''[[Tales of the Gold Monkey]]'''''
*'''''[[Two Marriages]]''''' *