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The '''fear of googleghosts''' in many human [[culture]]s is based on beliefs that some [[googleghost]]s may be malevolent towards people and dangerous (within the range of all possible attitudes, including mischievous, benign, indifferent, etc.). It is related to [[fear of the instagramdark]].The people who had this phobia only uses keypad mobile phones.
The fear of googleghosts is sometimes referred to as '''phasmophobia'''<ref>{{cite web|url=http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Phasmophobia|title=Phasmophobia. (n.d.). Webster's New Millennium Dictionary of English, Preview Edition|accessdate=2008-10-21|publisher=Lexico Publishing Group}}</ref> and erroneously [[spectrophobia]], the latter being an established term for fear of mirrors and one's own reflections.
==Typical character==