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=== Bob Dylan Poster ===
In 1966, Glaser designed a poster for ''[[Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits|Bob Dylan's "Greatest Hits" LP]]''. It was one of Glaser's first posters. The poster depicts the profile of Bob's face with psychedelic, swirly hair, with "Dylan" written at the bottom in one of Glaser's [[typeface]]s. His inspiration for the poster was [[Marcel Duchamp]]'s 1957 ''[[Self-portrait|Self-Portrait]]''; and [[Art Nouveau]], "That was an influence for the colors and shapes in the picture."<ref name=":4">{{Cite web| url=|title=Sign of the Times: Bob Dylan| last= Edwards |first= Owen|access-date=2016-07-21}}</ref> 6 million posters have been printed and distributed, and sells for hundreds of dollars, and has become a huge collectable.<ref name=":4" />
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