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| num_branches = 12
| collection_size = 1,477,593<ref name="">[ Omaha Public Library] Nebraska Library Commission Library Database</ref>
| pop_served = 265,806 register users
| budget = $10,693,926
| website =
| name =
| num_employees = 179 <ref>{{cite web|title=Omaha Public Library |url=||accessdate=1 October 2019}}</ref>
| members = 507,527 <ref>{{cite web|title=Omaha Public Library |url=||accessdate=1 October 2019}}</ref>
'''Omaha Public Library''' is the [[public library]] system of the city of [[Omaha, Nebraska]]. A library association was founded in 1857, but the library board was not appointed until 1877. In 1895, the library became one of the first six in the nation to create a children's section. There are 12 libraries in the system.<ref name="Omaha Public Library">[ Omaha Public Library.] Retrieved 1/11/08.</ref>