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The [[basement]] of the coffee bar had [[live music]] making use of a small, 18-inch deep stage. Lincoln and Hunter started putting on [[skiffle]] groups; the first resident group were [[The Vipers Skiffle Group|the Vipers]], who included [[Wally Whyton]]. It soon won a clientele attracted because of its [[rock'n'roll]] music, and for a time became "the most famous music venue in England," and attracted talent spotters and music promoters such as [[Jack Good (producer)|Jack Good]], [[Larry Parnes]] and [[Don Arden]].<ref name=birthplace/>
The coffee bar allowed standing room for about 20 people, and had a serving counter with an [[espresso]] coffee machine, orange juice dispenser, and sandwich display case. The coffee bar was run by Jon Vickers-Jones who was the assistant manager. He would help with setting up the stage area for the musicians and would often record them rehearsing on a Grundig Tape recorder. A door at the back led to the manager's office, and a narrow stairway led down to a "dismal and dark cellar about the size of a large bedroom, lit by a couple of weak bulbs. At one end was the small 18-inch stage made of milk crates with planks on top of them. There was just one microphone, left over from the [[Boer War]], and some speakers up on the wall." The stage area can briefly be seen in Rank Studio's 1959 episode ' Coffee Bar ' , from their [[ Look at Life (film series) ]] series , available on Network DVD.<ref name=birthplace/> In November 1956, Paul Lincoln opened a second venue, The New 2I's Club, which ran every weekend in the multi-scene cellar at 44 Gerrard Street.{{cn|date=September 2016}}
Several recording stars were discovered at, or performed at, the coffee bar, including [[Rory Blackwell]], [[Tommy Steele]], The [[Vipers Skiffle Group]], [[Cliff Richard]], [[Hank Marvin]], [[Bruce Welch]], [[Brian Bennett (musician)|Brian Bennett]], [[Tony Meehan]], [[Jet Harris]], [[Brian Locking|Brian 'Licorice' Locking]], [[Vince Eager]], [[Terry Dene]], [[Wee Willie Harris]], [[Adam Faith]], [[Carlo Little]], [[Joe Brown (singer)|Joe Brown]], [[Clem Cattini]] ([[The Tornados]]), [[Eden Kane]], [[Screaming Lord Sutch]], [[Tony Sheridan]], [[Keith Kelly (singer)|Keith Kelly]],<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Keith Kelly - Biography & History|website=[[AllMusic]]|accessdate=15 December 2018}}</ref> Timothy Fitzpatrick, [[Lance Fortune]], [[Albert Lee]], [[Johnny Kidd (singer)|Johnny Kidd]], Paul Gadd (later to be known as Paul Raven and then [[Gary Glitter]]), [[Ritchie Blackmore]], [[Alex Wharton]], [[Mickie Most]] (as the Most Brothers)<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Kent MusicBiz – Musicians – People||accessdate=21 December 2014}}</ref> and [[Big Jim Sullivan]].
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