Intussusception (medical disorder): Difference between revisions

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* [[Idiopathic]]
AnWhile an earlier version of the [[rotavirus vaccine]] that is no longer used was linked to intussusception, but the current versions areis not clearly linked.<!-- <ref name=WHO2013/> --> Due to a potential risk, they are thus not recommended in babies who have had intussusception.<ref name=WHO2013Lu2019>{{cite journal |titlelast1=RotavirusLu vaccines.|first1=Hai-Ling WHO|last2=Ding position|first2=Ying paper|last3=Goyal |first3=Hemant January|last4=Xu 2013.|journalfirst4=ReleveHua-Guo epidemiologique|title=Association hebdomadaireBetween /Rotavirus SectionVaccination d'hygieneand duRisk Secretariatof deIntussusception laAmong SocieteNeonates desand NationsInfants |journal=JAMA WeeklyNetwork epidemiologicalOpen record / Health Section of the Secretariat of the League of Nations|date=14 October February2019 2013|volume=882 |issue=510 |pages=49–64e1912458 |pmiddoi=23424730|url=|url-status=live|archiveurl=|archivedate=22 December 201512458}}</ref>