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The skeptic [[Robert T. Carroll]] criticized ''ACIM'' as "a minor industry" that is overly commercialized and characterizes it as "Christianity improved". Carroll said the teachings are not original and suggested they are culled from "various sources, east and west".<ref name="Carroll">{{cite book|last=Carroll|first=Robert Todd |title=The skeptic's dictionary: a collection of strange beliefs, amusing deceptions, and dangerous delusions|url=https://books.google.com/?id=6FPqDFx40vYC&pg=PA84&dq=skeptic+%22a+course+in+miracles#v=onepage&q=skeptic%20%22a%20course%20in%20miracles&f=false|year=2003|publisher=John Wiley and Sons|isbn=978-0-471-27242-7}}</ref>
==Further reading by ACIM students/teachers==
==Associated works==
* Gerald G. Jampolsky (1979) ''Love Is Letting Go of Fear''
Two works have been described as extensions of ''A Course in Miracles''. Author Gary Renard's 2003 ''The Disappearance of the Universe'', and [[Marianne Williamson]]'s ''[[A Return to Love]]'', published in 1992.<ref>[[Tom Butler-Bowdon|Butler-Bowdon, Tom]].[https://books.google.com/books?id=GT0JJOCNU_8C&pg=PA223 ''50 Spiritual Classics: Timeless Wisdom From 50 Great Books of Inner Discovery, Enlightenment and Purpose'']. [[Nicholas Brealey Publishing]], 2010. p. 223.</ref><ref name="Miller2011"/><ref>[[Tom Butler-Bowdon|Butler-Bowdon, Tom]]. [https://books.google.com/books?id=GraTRTr9UIsC&pg=RA4-PA223 ''The Literature of Possibility'']. [[Nicholas Brealey Publishing]], 2013. p. 223.</ref><ref>Coburn, Lorri. [https://books.google.com/books?id=AjtE4SY2U-QC&pg=PA193 ''Breaking Free: How Forgiveness and A Course in Miracles Can Set You Free'']. [[Balboa Press]], 2011. p. 193.</ref> ''The Disappearance of the Universe'', published in 2003 by [[Fearless Books]], was republished by [[Hay House]] in 2004.<ref>{{cite news |last=Wilson |first=Brandy |date=July 29, 2006 |title=Community of Faith: NEWS FROM HOUSES OF WORSHIP: 'Disappearance of Universe' author to host workshop |url=http://infoweb.newsbank.com/resources/doc/nb/news/1132C530A58FA578?p=WORLDNEWS |newspaper=[[The Atlanta Journal-Constitution]] |accessdate=8 August 2017 |archiveurl=https://www.webcitation.org/6sYaIfRwH?url=http://infoweb.newsbank.com/resources/doc/nb/news/1132C530A58FA578?p=WORLDNEWS |archivedate=August 8, 2017 |url-status=dead }}</ref> ''[[Publishers Weekly]]'' reported that Renard's examination of ''A Course in Miracles'' influenced his book.<ref>{{cite news |last=Garrett |first=Lynn |date=March 7, 2005 |title='Disappearance' Appears Big Time |url=https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/print/20050307/28564-disappearance-appears-big-time.html |newspaper=[[Publishers Weekly]] |accessdate=8 August 2017 |archiveurl=https://www.webcitation.org/6sYZWQS0P?url=https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/print/20050307/28564-disappearance-appears-big-time.html |archivedate=August 8, 2017 |url-status=dead }}</ref>
* [[Marianne Williamson]]'' (1992) ''[[A Return to Love|A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles]]''
* Kenneth Wapnick (1997) ''The Message of a Course in Miracles''
* Gary Renard (2003) ''The Disappearance of the Universe''
* Robert Perry (2004) ''Path of Light: Stepping into Peace with a Course in Miracles''
* D. Patrick Miller (2008) ''Understanding a Course in Miracles: The History, Message, and Legacy of a Spiritual Path for Today''
* Lorri Coburn (2011) ''Breaking Free: How Forgiveness and A Course in Miracles Can Set You Free''
* Alan Cohen (2015) ''A Course in Miracles Made Easy''
* Tina Louise Spalding (2016) ''Jesus: My Autobiography''
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