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|stylistic_origins= {{hlist|[[Blues]]|[[country blues]]|[[swing music|swing]]|[[jazz]]}}
|cultural_origins={{Circa}} 1920s, [[Texas]], United StatesU.S.
|instruments={{hlist|[[Electric guitar]]|[[bass guitar]]|[[drums]]|[[keyboard instrument|keyboard]]}}
In the late 1960s and early 1970s the Texas electric blues scene began to flourish, influenced by [[country music]] and [[blues rock]], particularly in the clubs of [[Austin, Texas|Austin]]. The diverse style often featured instruments such as keyboards and horns with emphasis on guitar soloing.<ref name=Allmusicblues694-5>V. Bogdanov, C. Woodstra, S. T. Erlewine, ''All music guide to the blues: the definitive guide to the blues'' (Backbeat Books, 3rd edn., 2003), pp. 694–5.</ref> The most prominent artists to emerge in this era were the brothers [[Johnny Winter|Johnny]] and [[Edgar Winter]], who combined traditional and southern styles.<ref name=Allmusicblues694-5/> In the 1970s, [[Jimmie Vaughan]] formed [[The Fabulous Thunderbirds]] and in the 1980s his brother [[Stevie Ray Vaughan]] broke through to mainstream success with his virtuoso guitar playing, as did [[ZZ Top]] with their brand of Southern rock.<ref>E. M. Komara, ''Encyclopedia of the blues'' (Routledge, 2006), p. 50.</ref>
==Noteworthy performers==
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* [[Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown]]
* [[Goree Carter]]
* [[Gary Clark, Jr.]]
* [[Albert Collins]]
* [[Pee Wee Crayton]]
* [[Nick Curran]]
* [[Larry_Davis_(blues_musician)|Larry Davis]]
* [[Chris Duarte]]
* [[The Fabulous Thunderbirds]]
* [[Alan Haynes]]
* [[Lightnin' Hopkins]]
* [[Lil' Son Jackson]]
* [[Blind Lemon Jefferson]]
* [[Blind Willie Johnson]]
* [[Albert King]]
* [[Freddie King]]
* [[Smokin' Joe Kubek]]
* [[Los Lonely Boys]]
* [[Lead Belly]]
* [[Mance Lipscomb]]
* [[Lonnie Mack]]
* [[Delbert McClinton]]
* [[Joe Pullum]]
* [[Guitar Shorty]]
* [[Henry Thomas (blues musician)|Henry Thomas]].<ref>{{cite encyclopedia | last = Shadwick | first = Keith | encyclopedia = Encyclopedia of Jazz & Blues | title = Henry Thomas | year = 2001 | publisher = Quintet Publishing | location = Ann Arbor, Michigan | edition = | page = 650 | isbn = 1-86155-385-4 | url-access = registration | url = https://archive.org/details/encyclopediaofja0000shad }}</ref><ref>{{cite book | first= Paul | last= Du Noyer | year= 2003 | title= The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Music | edition= | publisher= Flame Tree Publishing | location= Fulham, London | isbn= 1-904041-96-5| page= 181}}</ref>
* [[Big Mama Thornton]]
* [[Jimmie Vaughan]]
* [[Stevie Ray Vaughan]]
* [[T-Bone Walker]]
* [[Edgar Winter]]
* [[Johnny Winter]]
* [[ZZ Top]]
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