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|map_notes=Map of the [[Four Corners]], with US 163 highlighted in red
|length_ref=<ref name="ADOT Highway Log">{{cite web|url=http://tpd.az.gov/data/reports/2006SHSLog.pdf |title=2006 ADOT Highway Log |author=[[Arizona Department of Transportation]] |accessdate=April 30, 2008 |deadurlurl-status=yesdead |archiveurl=https://web.archive.org/web/20080625073807/http://tpd.az.gov/data/reports/2006SHSLog.pdf |archivedate=June 25, 2008 |df=mdy }}</ref><ref name=udotroutelog>{{cite web
|url = http://www.dot.utah.gov/main/uconowner.gf?n=6665620678164985|title = Highway Reference information - Route 163|accessdate = February 3, 2008|publisher = Utah Department of Transportation}}</ref>
|established=1970<ref name=adotres163>{{cite web|url=http://www.azhighwaydata.com/resolutions/?resnum=1970-%20-047|publisher=Arizona Department of Transportation|title = Arizona DOT Right-of-Way Resolutions|accessdate=March 30, 2008}}</ref>
| accessdate = November 21, 2007
| publisher = [[U.S. Department of Transportation]] National Scenic Byway program
}}</ref> All highways in Utah are codified in law; US&nbsp;163 is defined at Utah Code §72-4-122(3).<ref>{{cite web|url=http://le.utah.gov/~code/TITLE72/htm/72_04_012200.htm|title=Utah Code Annotated § 72-4-122(3)|publisher=State of Utah|accessdate=March 20, 2008|deadurlurl-status=yesdead|archiveurl=https://web.archive.org/web/20080711120003/http://le.utah.gov/~code/TITLE72/htm/72_04_012200.htm|archivedate=July 11, 2008|df=mdy-all}}</ref>
The state of Utah signed a joint intent with the [[Navajo Nation]] and [[San Juan County, Utah|San Juan County]] in 1986 to construct a new highway to connect [[Bluff, Utah|Bluff]] with [[Montezuma Creek, Utah|Montezuma Creek]]. Businesses in Monument Valley asked the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to request extensions of US&nbsp;163 and [[U.S. Route 666 (Utah)|US 666]] using this new road.<ref name=resolutions666>{{cite web|url=http://www.dot.utah.gov/main/uconowner.gf?n=566642327241913602|title=Highway Resolutions SR-666|publisher=Utah Department of Transportation|accessdate=February 7, 2008}}</ref> The proposal would have US 163 run from [[Cedar City, Utah|Cedar City]] to [[U.S. Route 160 (Colorado)|US 160]] near [[Cortez, Colorado]] along the routes of [[Utah State Route 14|State Route 14]], [[U.S. Route 89]], [[Arizona State Route 98]], [[U.S. Route 160]], the current US&nbsp;163, the new road from Bluff to Montezuma Creek, and [[Colorado State Highway 41]]. The proposal for US&nbsp;666 would extend to [[Richfield, Utah|Richfield]] via upgrades to [[Utah State Route 95|State Route 95]] and [[Utah State Route 24|State Route 24]].<ref name=resolutions666/> UDOT submitted the proposal for US&nbsp;666 to AASHTO, which was rejected. AASHTO cited that the route was not direct, and SR-24 was not built to U.S. Highway standards.<ref name=resolutions666/> UDOT did not pursue the extension of US&nbsp;163, even though the Utah state legislature had already approved the new road from Bluff to Montezuma creek as route 163.<ref name=resolutions163/>
With this extension the Utah definition of US&nbsp;163 conflicted with the AASHTO definition. UDOT resolved this discrepancy by signing the extended portion as State Route 163. In 2004, the plan to extend US&nbsp;163 was abandoned, and the extension was renumbered [[Utah State Route 162|SR-162]] to "make the state route numbers run synonymous with the U.S. route designation."<ref name=resolutions163/> Although the state changed the definition of US&nbsp;163 back to match the national definition in 2004, the portion north of Bluff remained unsigned.<ref name=resolutions163/><ref name=mapguy>{{cite web|url=http://www.usends.com/Focus/Crescent/index.html|title=Images of current and historical signs at junction of US&nbsp;163, US&nbsp;191, US&nbsp;6, US&nbsp;50 and I-70 at Crescent Junction|author=Dale Sanderson|accessdate=May 1, 2008|deadurlurl-status=yesdead|archiveurl=https://web.archive.org/web/20101122191019/http://www.usends.com/Focus/Crescent/index.html|archivedate=November 22, 2010|df=mdy-all}}</ref> In October 2008, UDOT requested and obtained approval to truncate US&nbsp;163 to the junction with US&nbsp;191 resolving the discrepancy.<ref name=aashto/>
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