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! ''[[The Incredible Hulk (film)|The Incredible Hulk]]''
| [[Louis Leterrier]]
| [[Zak Penn]]{{refn|name=NortonWriting|group=N|Despite reportedly working extensively on the script, the [[Writers Guild of America]] decided not to credit [[Edward Norton]] as a writer, only crediting Penn,<ref name="PennSoleCredit">{{Cite news|date=June 5, 2008 |first=Jim |last=Harvey |title=Zak Penn to receive sole writing credit for 'Incredible Hulk' | |url= |accessdate=February 23, 2013 |archivedate=February 23, 2013 |archiveurl= |deadurl=yes |dfurl-status=dead }}</ref> arguing Norton had not dramatically changed Penn's script.<ref name="ThompsonScriptCredits">{{Cite news|date=June 13, 2008 |first=Anne |last=Thompson |title=Incredible Hulk: Setting the Record Straight |url= |work=thompson on hollywood |accessdate=July 8, 2008 |authorlink=Anne Thompson (film critic) |archivedate=February 23, 2013 |archiveurl= |deadurl=no |dfurl-status=live }}</ref>}}
| Universal Studios
| $150 million