Kómnzo language: Difference between revisions

Kómnzo phonemic inventory:<ref name="Evans-Southern">{{cite book |last=Evans |first=Nicholas |authorlink=Nicholas Evans (linguist) |editor1-last=Palmer |editor1-first=Bill |date=2018 |title=The Languages and Linguistics of the New Guinea Area: A Comprehensive Guide |chapter=The languages of Southern New Guinea |series= The World of Linguistics |volume=4 |location=Berlin |publisher=De Gruyter Mouton |pages=641-774 |isbn=978-3-11-028642-7}}</ref>
;Consonants: mbᵐb, t, ndⁿd, k, ŋɡᵑɡ, kw, ŋɡwᵑɡʷ, m, n, ŋ, ɸ, ʦ, ⁿʣ, ð s, r, w, j
*Consonants occurring only in loanwords are b, g, d, l.