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==Internet as a knowledge base==
The next evolution for the term knowledge-base was the Internet. With the rise of the Internet, documents, hypertext, and multimedia support were now critical for any corporate database. It was no longer enough to support large tables of data or relatively small objects that lived primarily in computer memory. Support for corporate web sites required persistence and transactions for documents. This created a whole new discipline known as [[Web Content Management]]. The other driver for document support was the rise of [[knowledge management]] vendors such as [[Lotus Notes]]. Knowledge Management actually predated the Internet but with the Internet there was great synergy between the two areas. Knowledge management products adopted the term "knowledge-base" to describe their repositories but the meaning had a subtle difference. In the case of previous knowledge-based systems the knowledge was primarily for the use of an automated system, to reason about and draw conclusions about the world. With knowledge management products the knowledge was primarily meant for humans, for example to serve as a repository of manuals, procedures, policies, best practices, reusable designs and code, etc. In both cases the distinctions between the uses and kinds of systems were ill-defined. As the technology scaled up it was rare to find a system that could really be cleanly classified as knowledge-based in the sense of an expert system that performed automated reasoning and knowledge-based in the sense of knowledge management that provided knowledge in the form of documents and media that could be leveraged by us humans.<ref>{{cite book|last=khanKrishna|first=AasimS|title=Introduction to Database and Knowledge-base Systems|year=1992|publisher=World Scientific Publishing|location=indiaSingapore|isbn=981-02-0619-4}}</ref>
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