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{{Other uses|AY (disambiguation)}}
{{Infobox pharaohali a ali a ali a Ali Alia Ali a Kai feevf
{{Infobox pharaoh
|Alt = Aya of Egypt{{Citation needed|date=January 2018}}
|Name = Ay
|Caption = Pharaoh Ay performing the Opening of the Mouth ceremony on his predecessor Tutankhamen. Ay is wearing the Leopard skin worn by Egyptian High Priests and a Khepresh, a blue crown worn by Pharaohs.
|NomenHiero = <hiero>nTr-i-t:f-i-A2-i-i</hiero>
|Nomen = ''Itinetjer Ay'' <br> God's father, Ay
|PrenomenHiero = <hiero>N5-L1-L1-Z3-D4:Aa11:t</hiero>
|Prenomen = ''Kheperkheperure&ndash;Irimaat''<br>Everlasting are the Manifestations of Re, <br>who does what is right
|Horus = ''Kanakht Tekhenkhau'' <br> The strong bull, the one of glittering crowns
|HorusHiero = <hiero>E1:D40-S15-xa:Z2</hiero>
|NebtyNy = ''Sekhempehti dersetet'' <br> Who is mighty of strength, who subdues the Asiatics
|NebtyHiero = <hiero>sxm-F9:F9-d:r:D40-S22:t*t:N25</hiero>
|Reign = 1323&ndash;1319&nbsp;BC or 1327&ndash;1323&nbsp;BC
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