Gibson SG: Difference between revisions

(→‎Design: Neck joint on 61 style is a 22nd fret but typically the SG is a 19th fret join. Bolt on neck models are a 16th fret join.)
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==Differences from the Les Paul==
The SG has a thinner, and more contoured body than the [[Gibson Les Paul|Les Paul]], making it much lighter and more comfortable. The lighter, thinner, one-layer body means the SG, unlike the Les Paul, is particularly suitable for [[harmonic feedback]] playing techniques. The SG's neck profile is typically shallower, and thinner than that of the Les Paul, though this varies between production years and individual guitars. The SG also lacks the carved maple top and body binding of the Les Paul. Unlike the Les Paul's neck, which joins the body at the 16th fret, the SG's neck joins the body at the 22nd fret, which allows easier access to higher frets. This also makes the neck joint somewhat flexible, and players have exploited this factor in [[extended techniques]] by shaking the guitar to induce a [[vibrato]] effect as [[Pete Townshend]] at the 1970 [[Isle of Wight]] festival. Despite the differences in body design, the SG and Les Paul models share similar electronics and controls. The sound of the SG is often described as having more "bite" (midrange emphasis) than a Les Paul, as both pickups are closer to the guitar's bridge.
==Notable SG users==