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'''''Bad Samaritans''''' is a book about economy written by [[Ha-Joon Chang]], a South Korean institutional economist specializing in development economics. The book criticizes economic mainstream and neo-liberalism. Chang mentionedin his book mentions that developed countries requirewant developing countries to change their economic policy and open their markets. RichAccording to the book rich and powerful governments and institutions are actually being "Bad Samaritans"; their intentions are worthy but their simplistic free-market ideology and poor understanding of history leads them to inflict policy errors on others.<ref>{{Cite book|url=|title=Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism|last=Chang|first=Ha-Joon|last2=Bond|first2=Jim|last3=Audio|first3=Brilliance|publisher=Brilliance Audio|language=English}}</ref>
== Summary ==
== Controversy ==
In 2008, ''Bad Samaritans'' was included on a list of 23 "seditious" books released by the [[Ministry of National Defense of South Korea]]. The books on the list cannot be read or kept on bases under military regulations. The ministry argued it may cause misunderstanding among the readers about the free market economy. The army argued that the booksbook contains some information promoting anti-government and anti-American ideology.<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=국방부 불온서적' 23권 열독운동?|author=전현석 [Jeon Hyeon-seok]|date=2008-08-01|work=|language=Korean|trans-title=Let us read Ministry's of National Defense of South Korea list of 23 seditious books|access-date=2016-11-25|via=}}</ref>
American linguist [[Noam Chomsky]] said "It is unfortunate that the Ministry of National Defense is afraid of freedom and is trying to control people," and also said, "The name of the Ministry of National Defense should be changed to Ministry of Defense against Freedom and Democracy.”<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=국방부 불온서적 지정된 촘스키 '생각과 표현통제는 불행한 일'|author=홍경화 ([Hong Kyung-hwa]|date=2008-10-25|work=[[The Hankyoreh]]|trans-title=Named as seditious book by Ministry of Defense; Chomsky: 'control of thought and expression is unfortunate'|access-date=2016-11-25|via=}}</ref>