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Graduated in Law in the year 1975 from University of Allahabad in First Division.<ref name=hcraj/>
He was an inmate of Sir Sundar Lal Hostel.
==Legal practice==
Enrolled as an Advocate on 8 April 1976. Practised at Allahabad High Court infrom the1976 periodto 1976-1985; and again from 1992- to 2001. andHe practiced at Supreme Court inof the period 1985-1992India on Civil and Constitutional siderelated cases from year 1985 to 1992. PassedHe cleared Advocate-on-Record examination in 1986. He was a Life Member of Advocate-on-Record Association, Supreme Court of India. ServedHe also served as Special Counsel, in High Court from 1998- to 2001.<ref name=hcraj/>
Elevated as permanent Judge onin April 24/04/2001.
HeldIn his judiciary career he has held the position of Chairman, at Allahabad High Court Mediation and Conciliation Centre, High Court and State Mediation Monitoring Committee; Chairman, at Computerization Committee, High Court and State e-Court Steering Committee.; Executive Chairman, of U.P. State Legal Services Authority.
In July 2014, Ambwani was transferred to Rajasthan High Court.<ref name=hcraj/> Was appointed as acting Chief Justice Rajasthan High CourtinCourt in August, 2014 <ref name="hcraj"/> In March 2015 he was appointed as the Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court.