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A '''cockroach''' is a [[business]] that - from inception forward - grows gradually and progressively.<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=Forget unicorns — investors are looking for 'cockroach' startups now|work=Business Insider|access-date=2017-09-18|language=en}}</ref> It puts a specific emphasis on revenues as well as profits and ensures a tight [[cost]] control in order to make its growth especially robust as far as [[Finance|finances]] are concerned.<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=Is ‘Slow and Steady’ the New Mantra for Startups to Succeed?|date=2017-06-05|work=iamwire|access-date=2017-09-18|language=en-US}}</ref> Oftentimes these cockroaches are much more scuffproof and thus considered a less risky investment than [[Unicorn (finance)|"unicorns"]].<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=Cockroach vs unicorn: Investors looking for startups that can survive anything|date=2016-04-17|work=The Economic Times|access-date=2017-09-18}}</ref><ref>{{Cite journal|last=Subrahmanya|first=M H Bala|date=2017|title=Comparing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for Technology Startups in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India|url=|journal=Technology Innovation Management Review|volume=7|issue=7|issn=1927-0321}}</ref><ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=Is Venture Capital Slowing in the U.S.?|last=Ross|first=Sean|date=2016-09-17|work=Investopedia|access-date=2017-09-18|language=en-US}}</ref><ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=Is Your Business a Cockroach or a Unicorn?|last=Stausholm|first=Michael|date=2016-09-30|website=Huffington Post|language=en-US|access-date=2018-06-01}}</ref>
A cockroach startup is open to adapt its business model quickly as per the changes in the business environment. These startups have a higher survival rate as these startups have comparatively higher survival priority and therefore may take lesser risks to grow fast.