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In November 2016, Heino announced the release of his new Christmas album, "Mit weihnachtlichen Grüßen" (''With Christmas greetings''), which includes a duet with fellow singer Sarah Jane Scott.<ref>{{cite web|author= |url=http://www.heino.de/index.php/aktuelles/96-mit-weihnachtlichen-gruessen.html |title=Mit weihnachtlichen Grüßen |publisher=Heino.de |date= |accessdate=2016-11-17}}</ref>
After a 50 -year career, Heino announced on 30 September 2018 his final tour in 2019 and the release of his final album “...und Tschüss, das letzte Album” (''...and bye, the final album''). The album consists of 36 songs which are mainly his traditional German folk songs which made him famous.<ref>{{cite web|author= |url=http://www.heino.de/index.php |title=und Tschuess - Das letzte Album |publisher=Heino.de |date= |accessdate=2018-09-30}}</ref>
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