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On December 21, 2018 Jeff Kampman stepped down as Editor-In-Chief<ref>({cite web|url=|title=So long, farewell|})</ref>.
On July 7, 2019, coinciding with the release of AMD's Ryzen 3 CPUs and Navi GPUs, a site redesign was launched moving from the Tech Report's former custom CMS and functionality to a Wordpress template. On July 9th, Renee Johnson posted an introduction to the design<ref>({cite web|url=|title=TechReport New Design|})</ref>. The new redesign was met with criticism from the users. In August of same year, TechReport staff has removed all mention of former Editor-in-Chief Jeff Kampman as contributor and replaced his name with Renee Johnson on all articles he contributed going back to 2014. His "farewell" message has also been deleted from the site.<ref>{{cite web | url=|title= Contribution by author|work=}}</ref> His "farewell" message that he posted on December 21 of 2018 was also deleted from the site.
== AMD TLB bug investigation ==
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