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(Demography - Khag village is different from Khag tehsil.)
(Corrected Tosa Maidan lease info)
Khag is also renowned for its [[Hot spring|hot springs]]. According to locals, there are as many as 35 individual springs in Khag. Ancient people have defined it as the ''"Garden of Paradise".''
Initially,Prior itto 2008 Khag was one of the blocks of [[Beerwah, Jammu, and Kashmir|Beerwah Tehsil]]. After the Government of Jammu and Kashmir opened new administrative units in 2008, Khag was granted [[Tehsil]] status.
== Geography ==
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==== Local rivers and streams ====
The region contains forest areas with several mountain rivers and [[Stream|streams]], including the Mala Kol, Kunze Kol, and Nala Gogaldara. The Mala Kol is locally known as the "deaf and dumb stream" due to a local legend; when saint Syed Taj-ud-Din arrived in Khag, the stream silently followed him from Sukhnag to Sikandarpora. Local elders continue to tell stories about other local streams.
=== Tosa Maidan ===
The [[Tosa Maidan]] pasture and tourist destination are located within Khag Tehsil. It is a large pasture with a historical background bounded by dense forests of [[Cedrus deodara|deodars]]. It is situated about 15&nbsp;km (9.3 mi) from Khag in the Himalayas. In ancient times, Shepherds from many countries used to visit the area and it was a regular route for [[Mughal Empire|Mughals]] travelling to [[Poonch district, Pakistan|Poonch district]] and [[Punjab, Pakistan|Punjab]] in Pakistan. Today the area is frequently used by local [[shepherds]] and the [[Gujjar]] community. ItTosa Maida was occupiedleased byto the [[Indian Army]] untilsince 20131964 for a period of 50 years. After itsthe army lease expired in April 2014, it was opened to the public by the [[Government of Jammu and Kashmir]].<ref>{{Cite withweb|url=|title=Places effortsof initiatedInterest by- [[OmarBudgam|last=|first=|date=|website=|archive-url=|archive-date=|dead-url=|access-date=12 Abdullah]]August and [[Saifuddin Soz]].2019}}</ref> The [[Mughal Empire|Mughals]] used to go to Poonch using this route. It is said that they had constructed a seven-storey building, Dam-Dam, here. The Basmai Gali at 3,962 m (13,000&nbsp;ft) is the pass which leads into Tosa Maidan. Another pass, Poonch Gali, on its right side, leads to the valley of [[Poonch District, Pakistan|Poonch]]. This pass was believed to be the safest, easiest, and nearest to reach [[Punjab, Pakistan|Punjab]] in ancient times. From here, a path also leads to Nilnag. Tosa Maidan is the largest pasture in its surrounding areas, with a size of 11.7 km² (4.5 sq mi). Sky-touching deodars and [[Pinus wallichiana|pinus]] fence this pasture, presenting a view of a green carpet in summer.
=== Pehjan ===