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Demography - Khag village is different from Khag tehsil.
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(Demography - Khag village is different from Khag tehsil.)
'''Khag''' is a [[Tehsil]] headquarter in central Kashmir's Beerwah sub-district. It is a town, municipality, and block in [[Beerwah Sub-district]] in the [[India]]n state of [[Jammu and Kashmir]]. Khag is located about 35&nbsp;km (21.7 mi) west from state summer capital [[Srinagar]] and roughly 12&nbsp;km (7.4 mi) from sub-district headquarters in [[Beerwah, Jammu and Kashmir|Beerwah]].<ref>{{Cite web|title = Profile :: District Budgam (Official website)|url =|website =|accessdate = 2015-10-08}}</ref> There are in total 49 towns and villages in Khag Tehsil.
Khag is also renowned for its [[Hot spring|hot springs]]. According to locals, there are as many as 35 individual springs in Khag. Ancient people have defined it as the ''"Garden of Paradise".''
Poshker is a village 4&nbsp;km (2.5 mi) from Khag, known for its scenic beauty.
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== Demographics ==
Khag village has a population of 6,663 of which 3401 are males while 3,262 are females as per Population Census 2011.
In Khag village population of children with age 0-6 is 1479 which makes up 22.20% of the total population of the village. The average sex ratio of Khag is 959, which is higher than Jammu and Kashmir state average of 889. The child sex ratio for Khag as per census is 931, higher than Jammu and Kashmir average of 862.
Khag has a lower literacy rate compared to Jammu and Kashmir. In 2011, the literacy rate of Khag was 63.00% compared to 67.16% of Jammu and Kashmir. Male literacy stands at 71.35%, while the female literacy rate was 54.37.
Total of 45 villages with majority Sunni Muslim villages, 4 Sikh villages, and 3 Shia Muslim village:
As of the 2011 census, Khag had 856 families residing there.
== Economy ==