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'''Kómnzo''', also ''Kómnjo'', ''Kamundjo'', and ''Rouku''{{cn|date=May 2016|reason=not listed at glottolog; Rouku is listed as a variety of Arammba}} is a [[Papuan language]] of [[Papua New Guinea]] spoken by 150–200 people in the village of Rouku and the town of Morehead.]<ref name="doehler2018">{{Cite book
| vauthors = Döhler, C
| title = A grammar of Komnzo
| place = Berlin
| publisher = Language Science Press
| date = 2018
| format = pdf
| url = http://langsci-press.org/catalog/book/212
| doi = 10.5281/zenodo.1477799
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| isbn = 978-3-96110-125-2
Its number words use a [[senary]] numeral system, with the following numerals: ''nimbo'' (6<sup>1</sup>), ''féta'' (6<sup>2</sup>), ''tarumba'' (6<sup>3</sup>), ''ntamno'' (6<sup>4</sup>), ''wärämäkä'' (6<sup>5</sup>), ''wi'' (6<sup>6</sup>).