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Zevon met co-writer Lindell in [[Spain]], where the latter was running a bar after a stint working as a mercenary in [[Africa]].<ref>{{cite journal | last=Marsh | first=Dave |date=November 2002 | title=Warren Zevon on the Loose in Los Angeles | journal=Rolling Stone | url= | accessdate= April 1, 2009}}</ref> Always interested in the darker side of life, Zevon decided to collaborate with Lindell on a song about a mercenary.
The western Norwegianfictional character Roland is a [[Norway|Norwegian]] who becomes embroiled in the aftermath of the [[Nigerian Civil War]] and [[Congo Crisis]] of the 1960s—the lyrics mention the years 1966 and 1967, which correspond to the mercenary-led [[Kisangani Mutinies]] after the Congo Crisis. He earns a reputation as the greatest [[Thompson gun]]ner, a reputation that attracts the attention of the [[CIA]]. Roland is betrayed and murdered by a fellow mercenary, Van Owen, who blows off his head. Roland becomes the phantom "headless Thompson gunner" and eventually has his revenge, when he catches Van Owen in a [[Mombasa]] bar and guns him down. Afterward, he continues "wandering through the night". Other violent conflicts of the succeeding decade are said to be haunted by Roland, including [[The Troubles|Ireland]], [[Lebanese Civil War|Lebanon]], [[Israeli–Palestinian conflict|Palestine]], and [[People's Park (Berkeley)#May 15, 1969: "Bloody Thursday"|Berkeley, California]].
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