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Ay is believed to be the son of [[Yuya]] and [[Tjuyu]], and therefore a brother of Queen [[Tiye]], wife of [[Amenhotep III]], and the [[Second Prophet of Amun]], [[Anen]]. Hence, he would be the uncle of pharaohs [[Akhenaten]] and possibly [[Smenkhkare]], assuming Smenkhkare was Akhenaten's brother rather than his son. Ay's [[Great Royal Wife]] was [[Tey]], wet nurse to [[Nefertiti]]. It has been theorized that Nakhtmin, Ay's chosen successor, is Ay's son or adopted son, though their exact relationship is still up for debate. While we know the identity of Nakhtmin's mother, Iuy, there is no further evidence to support that she was one of Ay's wives.<ref>Jacobus Van Dijk, [http://www.jacobusvandijk.nl/docs/BACE_7.pdf Horemheb and the Struggle for the Throne of Tutankhamun] {{webarchive|url=https://web.archive.org/web/20160304092253/http://www.jacobusvandijk.nl/docs/BACE_7.pdf |date=2016-03-04 }}, BACE 7 (1996), p.33.</ref>