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The first mention of Sezimovo Ústí is from 1250, which means that the city was established in [[13th century]]. In 1277 the city expanded because of the arrival of people from nearby [[Tábor]] which had been burnt (city in neighbourhood of Sezimovo Ústí)down.
Sezimovo Ústí and particularly Kozí hrádek is nearlyclosely connected to the [[Hussites]]. [[Jan Hus]], the man standingwho atinspired the beginning of [[Hussite movement]], lived there in 1414 and preached at Kozí hrádek.
In 1939 enterpreneurthe entrepreneur [[Tomáš Baťa]] set upbegan building ofa the secondnew partdistrict of Sezimovo Ústí, nowadays called Sezimovo Ústí 2. Baťa didn't only buildbuilt a factory, butas alsowell createdas greataccommodation conditionsand infrastructure for his employees. Theyat had an opportunity to live in new houses, study to have better qualification for working in Baťa'sthe factory and gained many other benefits.
These days Sezimovo Ústí is divided into two parts which are very closely connected and work together as one city. The history of Sezimovo Ústí 1 goes back to [[Middle Ages|medieval times]], while Sezimovo Ústí 2 is much younger.
===Kozí hrádek===
This ruin of a castle is situated near Sezimovo Ústí. It is not exactly known when it was built, but it was first mentioned in 1377. This castle is an important cultural heritage site, built in [[Gothic architecture|Gothic style]]. Nowadays the ruins are accessible. It is most k ownknown for being the place, where Jan Hus carried out his activities.
===Villa of Edvard Beneš===
[[Edvard Beneš]] was the second president of [[Czechoslovakia]]. This villa in Sezimovo Ústí was his favourite place whereof herecreation, ralexedand withthe hissite wife Hana and metof his friendsburial. ItThe isvilla possibleand to walk around theits garden on the confluence of the river [[Lužnice (river)|Lužnice]] and [[Kozský potok]] orare visitopen to the interior of villa and admire its architecturepublic.
The proof of Beneš's love for this place is that he wanted to be burried here. That's why his tomb is in the garden.
In Sezimovo Ústí ishas one swimming pool. This swimming pool has an atypical cleaning system secured by special [[Microorganism|microorganisms]] able to reduce the dirt, soeliminating the waterneed doesn'tto containuse [[chlorine]] or other chemicals.
The main sport clubs in Sezimovo Ústí are ''TJ Spartak MAS'' and ''TJ Sokol Sezimovo Ústí''.
In Sezimovo Ústí is one swimming pool. This swimming pool has atypical cleaning system secured by special [[Microorganism|microorganisms]] able to reduce the dirt so the water doesn't contain [[chlorine]] or other chemicals.
Another interesting place to visit is ''Wall Club''. An old cinema was rebuilt into a modern [[climbing]] club with a restaurant. This place is great for [[Climbing wall|indoor climbing]], but near Sezimovo Ústí there are also interesting outdoor places suitable for climbing. Main sport clubs in Sezimovo Ústí are ''TJ Spartak MAS'' and ''TJ Sokol Sezimovo Ústí''.
==Notable people==